Autobooks from GSB. The Better Way to Get Paid

Autobooks is a great new payment feature from an industry leader Banno, that's available directly thorugh your GSB digital banking portal. It's free to access, and an easy-to-implement time saver for businesses looking for a more structured payments program.


Accept payments with fewer checks & faster receivables.

Accept a Payment allows you to ask customers for payment as easily as sending a link. They get the convenience of being able to pay by phone or online - day or night, and you get spared the no third-party hassle of going through PayPal or Sware. Plus:

  • Get paid directly to your account within 2 business days
  • Accept all major credit cards for the same low transaction fee


Invoice & receive money with no hassle or fuss.

Send an Invoice lets you create and send invoices through your GSB online banking dashboard. Automatically track who's paid vs. who hasn't - to better manage your cash flow.


Free access. Low payments costs.

The access and set up is free! You only pay 2.89% when you accept a payment via card, or 1% when you accept payments via bank transfer. Look around and we're sure you'll find these to be the lowest in town.


Best of all, it's easy to turn on Send an Invoice and Accept a Payment in your bank account, and discover a better way to get paid, today!


Learn how to enroll quickly through the short video below!


Disclosure :

Payment and Invoice programs above are offered through a partnership with AutoBooks, by Banno.

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